Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aah...That's Better....

I finally worked up enough energy to get out here and get the weeds out.  It was a gloriously cool morning...the perfect time to work in the garden.

Now....isn't that better? 
The weeds are history...for a while.

I'm finally crying 'Uncle' with the squash.  The Squash Vine Borers win! 
There is perfectly good squash at the Farmers Market.  Wonder how they deal with these guys?

The tomatoes are doing pretty well.  This is a 'Juliet' variety.  I read they set fruit, even in the heat.  So far, so good....just have to stay a step ahead of the birds.  They eat a hole right in the center....just a hole.  They don't eat the whole tomato.

Red Spider Mites have invaded the tomatoes.  I treated for hope it works.

So much for planting marigolds to take on those pesky spider mites.  Not a one on the these.

The Cilantro is blooming.  I know you're not supposed to let it do that...but, we don't really like Cilantro, and it looks pretty.

The spineless prickly pear keeps putting on new growth.

And, it keeps being chomped. 

But, growth on the Castor Bean.  I just figured it was a goner.  ALL the leaves had been eaten off.  This must be one tough plant.

There are quite a few tough plants out there.  With the lack of rain, it's surprising that there is anything still alive in the Deer Grove and Elli's Meadow.  But, some grasses and a few hearty wildflowers are hanging in there.  

We started Stage 2 water restrictions.  It'll take a bit more effort to keep things alive.  We waste very little water here at Patchwork Garden.  But, we're thinking up even more ways to conserve it, and still keep the garden going. 
We really need some rain.

I hope the weather is just the way you like it where you are.

Happy Gardening...

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  1. Lovely vegetable garden. My veggie gardening friends here gave up on their squash too. I think it's the drought--bugs go for the few plants green enough to bear them.


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