Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life is Good...

Happy first day of June.  How was your May?  Mine was one I don't want to repeat.

If you read my last post, you know I had pneumonia.  Still fighting it some, but things are much better.  Get a pneumonia don't want this stuff.  It really knocks you down.

We did have about an inch and a half of rain.  That gives us a little more than two inches....Since October!  But, we're grateful for whatever we can get.

Last week, our neighbors across the street were having a lot of electrical problems.  Two of the houses were having dimming lights, ten to twenty times a day.  So, the guys above showed up.  Seems there was a water leak under the power box on that side of the street, making it short out.  Dangerous stuff. 

It seems that power box is connected to the one on our side of the street....the one inside this once lovely stand of Primrose Jasmine.  One of the guys came to the door and told me he needed to 'trim a path' into the shrubs, to access the box.  I said fine, but speak to Elli next door...she planted them and would want to know.

Then the 'Tree Experts' showed up.  I know they were said so, on the side of their big orange truck.

This is their idea of 'trimming a path'.  Just cut down half of the shrubs.

I could be wrong.  But, I just really don't think this one is going to come back.  And, yeah...the water guys are back today.  Not sure why they've run a hose from the water hook-up across the street, to run under the power box on this side of the street.  But then, I'm not an expert.

And...while I'm whining....the Castor Bean that was growing nicely, with hopes of getting really big this year, looks like this today.  All the leaves are gone.  These are poisonous.  Somebody had a big stomach ache.  Not sure this will come back, either.

But, enough of the whining.  Good things happen, too.  Like this new swing Mr. P. gave me for Mother's Day/Get Well.

You can sit and swing, and get a whole new view of the Grove.

Oldest and youngest Texas grandkids

Or, you can hang out with your big brother, before dinner.

The veggie garden is coming along.  Lots of weeding needs to be done, but little energy for it, yet.

The squash is hanging in there, even though the squash vine borers attacked.  I sat on the ground, and slit the vine and got the ugly borer worms out...covered the wound with dirt, and so far, so good.  We've even had some squash already.

The green beans are doing really well.  We've had beans twice.  Not sure how many more harvests we'll be getting from these.

Cucumbers are blooming.

Along with the volunteer zinnia.

And, cosmos.  I like flowers in a veggie garden.  They bring pollinators, and just look pretty.

I need to bring in these tomatoes, before the birds get to them.

Inside the fenced yard, the Mexican Oregano seems to like it's new spot with more sun.  The deer don't bother this, I might think of more of this, next year.

This Hyacinth Bean is blooming.  I'm thinking they bloom later in the season.  Of course, with the temperatures we've been having, it may think it IS later in the season.

And, again in the fenced yard, a Purple Coneflower is finally beginning to bloom.  The deer aren't supposed to like these, but they ate all the ones outside the fence.  Remember, they don't eat Castor Bean, either....right.....see above.

And, these are popping up everywhere.  More mouths to feed....but, they are cute, and fun to watch chasing around like big puppies.

So, all in all Life is Good.  I hope you feel the same.

Happy Gardening...

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  1. Your new swing looks so comfortable, great for watching the cute they eat your plants. ;-) Seriously, though, life IS good. Now if we can just get some rain, it'll be great.


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