Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloomday~~December 2009

On the 15th of each month, Garden Bloggers around the world show you what is blooming in their gardens.  Here, the last month of 2009, The Patchwork Garden doesn't have much to show.  There were lots of blooms to show last month.  But, since then, we've had a couple heavy frosts, a few freezes and one very hard freeze.  That pretty much did the blooms in, here.

The pansies don't mind the cold.  Their little faces cheer up dreary, cold days.

This pretty pink Cyclamen has been going in and out, depending on just how cold it gets.  These don't mind the cold.  In fact, they like it.  But, I won't take chances.  There's a red one putting on buds.  Maybe we'll have blooms by Christmas.

In the mean time, we'll just have to enjoy this one.

The' blooms' on the bottle tree don't mind the cold, or frost.  They add some color and sparkle to the garden.

I hope you have a beautiful Bloom Day, wherever your garden may be.

If you'd like to see other blooms in other gardens, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.


  1. I think some gardeners think pansies are corny, but I'm with you: they are SO cheery in the cold! Your royal blue ones are really stunning.

  2. I love pansies they are so steadfast and then cheerful about it to boot. Right now we have just come out of a nasty freeze followed by light snow and now we have heavy rain and fog--could just be low clouds though. It was a treat to see your flowers. They are very pretty and encouraging. Thanks for reminding me that this will pass...in about four months.

  3. Pansies and violas are my fav. Miss Billie always said to plant yellow. Blue is so pretty when blue hyacinths bloom. Why did I plant orange violas?


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