Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deck the Halls

It's beginning to look like Christmas around here.  The wreaths are hung, the tree is done, the lights are strung inside and out.

Pam at Digging asked the question, "What does your Christmas tree say about you?"  Mr. P would say ours, and the whole house at Christmas, say "overkill".  But, we don't listen to him.

I think our tree is sentimental.  There are some very old ornaments, that belonged to our parents, years ago. 

There are sweet rememberances of friends and family.

There are whimsical ornaments.  Some we bought, some were gifts.

Everybody has a cheeseburger in paradise on their tree.  Don't they?

Mickey has trouble with the lights, every year.

Some don't make it onto the tree.  The tree is getting pretty full.

This is this year's University of Texas collectible ornament, from Christopher Radko.  We have others.

Along with other UT characters....both Christmas and year around.

I collect Santas.

There are more, not seen here.

And, twenty two years of Disney porcelain figurines.

But, of course, the true spirit of Christmas, is displayed in this German porcelain nativity.  It belonged to
Mr. P's grandmother.  Some pieces are in bad shape, some are missing completely, and newer ones substituted by Mr. P's mother.

You know....maybe he's is right.  Maybe it is overkill.  There is a lot here. 
But, I don't think I'll agree with him.  Well...not until it's time to put it all away.

That time will be here, before you know it.

So, ok....what does your tree...or decorations...say about you?


  1. Thanks for the link. You have a lovely tree, Linda. Sentimental trees tell us so much about ourselves, don't they? Love your cheeseburger ornament too!

  2. Thanks, Pam. I like your tree, too. It looks like a sentimental one.
    It's a lot of work, getting it all set up..and then taking it down. But, while it's up, it's nice, isn't it?

  3. Overkill? Oh, I don't think so! I love your tree and decorations. That was such a joy to go close up and see all your wonderful ornaments. It felt like I was actually there visiting you and checking out your tree. All the other items you have around the house are wonderful. That is the part of this holiday that I love. Everywhere you turn you are in the moment. One of the most wonderful features of this season is the fantasy that it inspires. Having your world remade into a life sized fantasy is what makes it real, if just for this little time. I would love to visit your Christmas fantasy!

    Oh, and what does mine say about me? The doctors are still discussing it. I'll get back to you when they figure it out. In the meantime, I have some decorating to do.

  4. Our tree is full of ornaments made by my kids, ornaments from grandparents and other special people. Our tree has no theme, but to me it's the sentimental part that makes it special.
    I love all of your decorations, definitely not overkill to me :)

  5. Thanks, LeSan and Catherine.
    I'm not much into 'themed' trees. Although, I used to have a tree with only Santa ornaments, as well as the regular tree. No room for that, these days.
    The ones made by kids, and passed down from family, make the trees special.
    LeSan's little village is a great tradition, too.
    Everything seems so dull, when it's all over and the lights and colorful decorations are put away.


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