Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

If you look very, very closely, you can see the snow we had yesterday.  Can't see it?  Well...don't worry.  We almost missed the few flakes that fell, too

But, the cold showed up, as predicted.  It had warmed up to 19 degrees, by the time I went out on the porch...and, to 20 by the time I got out there with the camera.

Frost on an agave, I didn't think I had to cover.  Hope it's not a loss.

The frost crystals are pretty on the bottle tree.

At least, I didn't have to cover this.

Frozen solid birdbath in front....

and, back.

Frost makes a glittery bed for ball moss, which fell on the car.

It's hard to see, but the fairway was glittering, too.

Is this a sign of things to come, for winter in Central Texas?  I guess we'll see.

Hope you're have a good weekend.  Stay warm.


  1. I love your last photo oodles! Such pretty lighting and textures.

  2. Cool photos, the weather too. We expect a freeze.

  3. Thanks. To the eye, the fairway was scattered with 'diamonds'. But, that didn't show up on the photo.

    Nell Jean...hope you don't lose anything. I think I did. It's frustrating trying to keep up with the weather.

  4. Those were great shots you got. I can sure feel your chill with those photos. Oh, wait a minute the the front door was open. I thought it was you. Oops. LOL
    We also got hit with winter all of a sudden but then we kind of expect it in Washington state. I don't suppose you expect it so much there in central Texas. Or do you? It looks pretty though that's for sure. I hope none of your plants take a hit for it.

  5. I like your bottle tree. What kind of stand do you use?
    I hope my agave is okay, too! I guess we will see...

  6. I think El Nino is here for sure! That means a colder wetter winter for those of us down south. I can't remember getting such an early hard freeze before. I love your sparkly photos. Very beautiful. I considered going out to take some similar photos but since there was no sun, and I'm a wimp, I stayed inside safe and warm. :-)

  7. LeSan,
    Texas weather is really tough. Most of the time, it's nice in winter. Then, along comes a freeze to kill things, then back to nice again.

    Mr. P ordered the bottle tree from a place online. Then, of course, you have to drink wine in the proper color bottles...LOL

    I think you're right...we'll probably get more cold weather this year. The low was record setting for this early.
    The sun came out, and it was a beautiful, not-so-cold day. AFTER it killed stuff.

  8. Hi Linda,
    I hope it the snow doesn't become too frequent! Texas is supposed to be our snow-free getaway when we retire! :O
    Rosey (You stay warm too!)

  9. Rosey,
    I don't think you have to worry too much about snow in Texas. Not this part of Texas, anyway. The Panhandle gets a lot, but it's a novelty here. Quite unlike what you are used to.
    I see you got more snow yesterday. Hope the temps went up.
    Our daughter and family live in North about COLD!
    Have a good holiday.


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