Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Ah...Christmas is over.  The decorations are still up.  We've just been sitting back and enjoying the days.

Among the great haul of gifts I got for Christmas....my favorite cologne, fuzzy warm slipper socks, the annual artwork calendar, grandchild artwork, a jigsaw puzzle of deer (very funny)....and, of course...things for the garden.

A package of three really nice seed balls, to feed the birds....and, hopefully NOT the squirrels.

A birdhouse, made from a gourd.

A large, Talavera pottery wall pocket.

This very pretty wind chime.  No matter how I tried, I couldn't get a photo to do it justice.
It has a lot of chimes, but has a soft music to it.  Maybe the sound garden elves would make.

And, speaking of garden elves....they have a place to hang out.  These concrete mushrooms.
Now, if those garden elves would come and dig the beds I need done.   

So...what did you get for the garden?


  1. Those are all fabulous gifts! I got four big stacking storage bins and a four-shelf unit for the garden shed!

  2. Your chimes look lovely. I wish garden elves did more work around here too, ha! I got a garden book, always welcome. Happy New Year!

  3. What wonderful gardening gifts you got for Christmas. Loving the wall pocket planter and the toadstools. It will make a great fairy or elf garden.
    Happy New Year to you Linda!

  4. Hi, everybody. I must have been a good girl...even with all my whining about the drought, the heat and all the digging I need to do.
    Garden gifts are always welcome.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

  5. What nice gifts! The wall pocket is really pretty. I always love getting garden related gifts.

  6. Wonderful gifts and so appreciated I'm sure. I love the concrete shrooms. In fact I love all your gifts. No gardening gifts here I'm afraid. Happy New Gardening Year.

  7. You lucky dog you! Those are fantastic gifts. The wind chimes I bet sound beautiful and the mushrooms are adorable. I should trade out my real ones for some of those. Much cuter. ;-) The wall pocket is really gorgeous by the way. I think you scored my friend. heheh. As you may know, I am still waiting to find out what is under our tree.
    Happy New Year!!


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