Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Saga of the Drive Bed...

You've heard the story of the
Drive Bed,
many times.

I did a long history blog about it changed again.

I thought maybe I could save this big Prickly Pear.

The Cactus Bugs had done a real job on it.

I began trimming back and cleaning up the ruined pads.
That's when I began to see even more of the awful bugs.

Why do all that work, just to have it continue to fall apart?

So, I started hacking it out.
Not an easy job, with such a big mess.

I finally got it hacked down, and the trunk dug up.
I hauled it out and piled it all in the Grove, where it began years ago.
Maybe some of the pads will root, and grow again.

By the way...these can be vicious plants.
Long spines are not the biggest problem.
Those mean little stickers...glochids....are.
They were even in the soil.
They worked their way into my gloves,
and since I sit on my behind, while I garden... get the picture.

NO FUN!! is the new incarnation...

So far, I like it.

These Golden Barrel Cacti needed to have more sun, anyway.
And, the little Bunny Cactus fit in, nicely.

It looks especially nice, in the morning light.

I'm sorry to lose such a beautiful plant.
But, the bugs won this one.

That's the thing about gardening...
it's never DONE.

Hope you're enjoying your ever-changing gardens.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I like it too! It's much harder for those bugs to get into a pot and the deer steer clear of barrel cactus so it should all work.

  2. I hope so.
    It's too much 're-gardening'. I think it was you, who gave us that description. LOL

  3. A blessing in disguise, and the new look is better. It must partly help to have your other full plants and tree nearby.


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