Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GBBD and Foliage Follow-Up...August, 2012...

The middle of the month sneaked up on me this time.

 begonia and aztec grass

So...not for the first time...I'm combining 
Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
Foliage Follow-Up.

It's hot and dry here.  Again, I didn't think I'd find much to show you.
These two memes are good for me.  I really SEE what's there.
I see it every day.  But, I'm always moaning that not much is going on.  

So, here goes.  I'm going to try this with few words.
We'll see how that works.

Orange Esperanza

unknown agave


dusty miller

gomphrena 'firework'

mexican feathergrass

knockout rose

lamb's ear and purple heart

purple heart blooms

striped-leaf blooms yet


yucca rostrata

unknown plant from Kansas....maybe a violet?

angelina sedum and begonias

That's the tour for this month.

Be sure to go over to
May Dreams Garden  for GBBD
Pam's at Digging for Foliage Follow-Up.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Looking good. Think your "unknown plant from Kansas" is some flavor of Dayflower (Commelina species) - I have always enjoyed their atypical blooms. Happy GBBD!

  2. That is an amazing agave. But you get lots of questions on that. Lovely blog.

  3. I like your quiet mixup of blooms and foliage this month. In my own yard, I've hesitated to photograph anything for a month or more now - we're so dry that I feel like all I'd be able to picture is dried up, dying plants. Maybe I need to follow your lead and look a little harder....

  4. Linda, everything looks wonderful. I had the peacock blue dayflowers come up as volunteers and I left them. I like the way they stay low where they are and weave in and out the foliage of other plants. I also got an orange Esperanza. Although the 'yellow bells' variety is nice, I'm as worn out with looking at it as I am the Stella d'Oro daylilies. They are faithful and dependable; I will give them that.

  5. Love your yucca! And I need to try the thryallis - there is a pretty specimen at the Emily Ann right by the gate.

  6. I'm loving my thryallis right now. Aren't you? Such lovely flowers, but I like the leaves and form of the plant too. Nice canna leaves too.

  7. For being hot and dry you have some nice blooms happening!! It's amazing that we grow the some of the same types of plants here that you have there...Zone 5 here (Chicago).

  8. Lovely post...the mystery flower is so cute!


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