Friday, August 24, 2012

Winding Down....

The summer is winding down.
This summer of 2012 is SO much better than the summer of 2011.

This last week has been 'cool', in comparison to last year.
We had a little rain....enough to fill the rain barrels.  
I'm always amazed at how little that takes.

Kids are going back to school.
Then Labor Day and the 'official' Summer's End.

We're not fooled.  We know the heat will return.  That doesn't really end here until October.

All in all...we'll take this kind of summer.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. This is a beautiful image....I have a lot of the Chickadees and I love watching them.

  2. And next week is supposed to get close to 100F...just in time for my arrival. And warmer here, and I won't be able to water a few new plants...

    Very true on your fall's start, not to mention how much water comes down in a small storm. I wish buildings were all designed to catch most of that to use on the land and garden when it is dry. Hopefully, I'll live to see that become the standard?

  3. Yes, this we can take! It's been downright pleasant ;)

  4. What a sweet shot of the chickadee sitting amongst all the (moss?)

  5. Yes, no matter how hot it's been this summer, at least we've had rain. Thanks heavens for that. What a change from last summer!


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