Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Little This and That....

It's that busy time of year.
You may have noticed already.

Shopping, decorating, cooking..and, in my case, sewing....

It's been cold and wet....and, warm and wet.

Those leaves I thought were done apparently are not.

I'm not complaining.  We need all the rain we can get.

I did get this package of wildflower seeds scattered.  It was a gift from a dear friend.
If they come up, they might be deer food.  But, that's better than just sitting in the bag.

There's some nice color out there, to brighten up these cloudy days.

Color that doesn't mind some cold, cold mornings.

Some Christmasy things that will work in the ground, later.

The Christmas Cactus...that usually blooms AFTER putting on a nice show.

And, the grove is greener than it was, even back in the spring.

It's chilly.  But, we're prepared.

Gotta get back to busy-ness. 
Hope you're having a fun winter weekend.

Happy Gardening...

Congratulations to our Wimberley High School football team.
They are
Class 3A, Division 11 STATE CHAMPIONS!!
Way to go TEXANS!!


Congratulations to Lake Travis High School football.
They won their historic FIFTH
Class 4A, Division 1 Championship!!
Way to go CAVS!!

Yep....we like football here.


  1. And we like rain too.

    RE: your local football champions - OU recruiters are on it, needing all the help we can get. Just watch out for the bad Oklahoma drivers on the prowl for your prized players!

    Nice front planting island, too! Glad you sent the RR ties packing, as the chopped limestone is so much more elegant. RR ties' only place are under RR tracks.

  2. Great tour Linda! Every year I think about those rosemary trees and it ends up dropping off the list. Cute frog hat too.

    Is that slag glass on the metal stand? I like that a lot. Is it from a local shop? Lots of questions I know, but I'd love to add something like that to my garden.

    Umm, we like football here in Texas?....oh no, hadn't noticed! Congratulations to all of them.

  3. DD~~Would OU have a football team without players from TEXAS?..haha

    I agree about the RR ties...they only belong under railroads.

    Shirley~~That is slag glass. We got that at a small shop on 71 @ 620, across from the Hill Country Galleria...The Living Desert. He carries slag glass you can buy by the piece, and some made into 'ornaments', and lots of succulents. Not sure how long he'll be there. Was supposed to close and move further out hwy 71. Been in that spot for years, before they built up that area.


  4. I guess the days of Katy football greatness are over. We use to live in the Converse Judson school district before they divided the high school. We used to attend the games when they were perennial powers. I'm glad you're getting rain. OU football? that's a dirty word in my household. lol.


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