Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cold, But Sunny....

It was 26 degrees this morning, when I got up.
Frost is on the fairway.  It looks pretty, sparkling in the sun.

It's warming up pretty quickly.  Die hard golfers are already out there.

If it was not so muddy out there, it would be a great day to work in the garden.  
I have a good crop of weeds growing in the veggie garden.

It'll have to wait.  But, when I get out there, I'll have new 'toys' to play with.

Can you tell my family knows that I like to garden?
And then, come in and put my feet up in warm slippers...

Our son says that liquid seaweed and fertilizer may be the strangest things I've ever asked for.
He forgets about the time I asked for manure.
Gardeners will understand these things.

Hope you got what you wanted.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Those slippers look so cozy:) Those are some great gardening gifts.

  2. Great gifts, that's a nice wagon.

    It should be a nice day to be outside so enjoy your day!

  3. I totally understand the garden gift thing. Give me a gardening book, a soil test kit, or some new garden gloves, and I'm as happy as a ... Johnny Jump Up.


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