Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Quilts...

Pieced Batiks

I mentioned a while back, that I was working on some quilts 
for Christmas gifts.  Well, I got them finished...but, let me tell you...
I hope I never cut it that close again.  Five quilts, in ten weeks, 
is not that much fun to do.

Pieced Novelty Cottons

They turned out pretty good.

Pieced fleece

Everyone seemed pleased.

Pieced Novelty Cotton and Fleece

Nice warm throws to cuddle in.

I'd really like to get back to a hand-made Christmas.  It seems more personal.

And, the smiles they evoked, made all the work worthwhile.

Stay Warm...


  1. They are beautiful. Five quilts in ten weeks...Wow!! I'm impressed.

  2. What amazing stamina! Those quilts will be treasured, I'm sure. They are beautiful and knowing they are handmade with love makes them extra special.


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