Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trail of Lights...

Tropical Santa

We went to the Trail of Lights at Emily Ann Theater the other night.
It was cold and windy....just the right atmosphere, for a Christmas outing.

It's a small town event, but really pretty good.
We missed last year, and were surprised at how much it's grown.

It's a walk-through show, and a bit hilly.
Free to the public, but they appreciate a donation.
Emily Ann Theater survives with the help of donations and volunteers.

Each display is sponsored, designed and put together by a local business, community group, or family.

At the top of the hill, the wind was really brisk...whipping the flags around.
The Veterans Memorial Plaza is a permanent feature, with flags to honor each branch of the military.

There is a lighted 'tree' to spin under.  Not quite as big as the Zilker tree in Austin.
But, you can see it from miles around.

Down by the Yule Log, you'll find the hot cocoa stand.  You can also get a marshmallow to toast over the fire.  All free of charge.  If you want a hot dog, it'll be $1.00.

The Yule Log usually has some caroling going on.  There's a new stage for entertainers, as well.

It was a good time, on a cold night.

There's still time to go.  They're open through December 31.

Stay Warm...


  1. Wimberly is such a fun town to visit. I love to shop in all the interesting stores. I should plan a visit at Christmas time. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  2. More reasons to relax and visit Wimberley next central TX trip. We just don't have community in this place here, except certain subcultures!

  3. Love your blog! Im your newest follower!
    Have a Happy New Year!


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