Friday, January 8, 2010

You Can't Win 'Em All

Well....looks like you can't win 'em all.  You can try.  But, sometimes it just doesn't work out.
The Longhorns lost the big game. 

Our starting quarterback was hurt within the first five plays of the game.
Our back-up quarterback is good.  But, he's a very young man, and had little or no experience in college play.  He'll be back next year, and he'll do a good job for the team.

But, on this night, in the Rose Bowl, the team just couldn't pull it off.  They gave it a good try.  There were some exciting plays.  It even looked for a while, like they'd make it.  But, it just was not to be.

So, congratulations to Alabama.  They played a good game.

We still love our team.  They'll be back strong.  We'll be there to watch.



  1. My husband watched this game and told me about the ending and the quarterback getting hurt. Good luck for next year.

  2. Next year is another year--and Gilbert will be stronger for the test.

    The men's b'ball team is # 1 today! We went to the UT/Colorado game on Saturday. Our team really is that good. So there's still something to cheer for.


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