Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flying Down to Rio

Well....not really flying...but...
If you saw the post about We Got Rocks, you  know we had a creek/drain put in.  We call it The Rio. ended at the back gate.  But, the drainage problem didn't end there.  So, we called Sara from Enjoy Your Landscape, to come back out and make an extension.  What do you think?

The water can flow through the gate, and on down to the lowest part of the yard. 

It's better now.  That space between The Rio and the fence, will be a flower bed.  Another fine opportunity to dig in the dirt and rocks.  I haven't had much time, here lately, for digging.
It'll all be there, when I get to it.

But, I think it's going to work.

By the way...the kids decided The Rio should be Rio Linda.  Hmmm....we'll see.


  1. I covet your Rio--Linda or otherwise. We need to put one in that runs in front of the garage and down the hill side. As it is now we end up with a big puddle in front of the garage when it rains a lot. Oh, but the work! Your's looks fantastic, she did a stand out job with doesn't stand out but looks like it should be there. The flower bed will be wonderful whenever you get around to it. In the meantime enjoy the Rio!

  2. Nice look and waaay better than soggy ground around the house.

    A few years ago Denny and I put in a dry creekbed to route water away from our home. Building it was an ordeal but it has worked well and is a beautiful garden feature.

    Then by the end of the two-year drought, I wished I'd found a way to catch the runoff instead of sending into the neighbor's woods. Yours looks like you could figure a way to make a bog pond or retention area if you ever wanted. Nice to have options.


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