Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live the Dream Again...

As you may know, we are HUGE Longhorn fans.
And, as you may also know, The Longhorns of The University of Texas are playing the
The Crimson Tide of The University of Alabama for the
BCS National Championship.
January 7, 2010
in the
Rose Bowl.

Here's hoping these young men play a good game, nobody gets hurt and
let the best team win.


Hook 'em Horns!!!


  1. We're with you on this.


  2. Hook Em, indeed! My hopes are in alignment with yours - I want everyone to play well, no injuries, but I sure do wish the Horns would walk away with another check in the "win" column!

  3. Just packed David off to the Rose Bowl. Hope he finds a place to park and hope he comes back with a smile on his face. For me, I am catching up on the washing and will watch on TV and write about gardens we have visited here this week. Go Horns.


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