Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Were Warned...

They told us it was going to get cold.  Actually, it's BEEN cold, here at the Patchwork Garden.  Just not this cold.
When I first woke up this morning, it was 8 (eight) degrees Fahrenheit. 
I went back to bed.

A couple of hours later, it had warmed up.  Wow...10 (ten) degrees.  That's what the old fashioned thermometer said. 

The new fangled one, that has the thermometer outside and you read it inside, said 9 degrees.  What's one degree, right?

The water along the sides of the creek was frozen.
This side looked like someone had painted it, with a heavy brush.  Or did some critters come out to skate across it?

This side was just frozen solid....the leaves all suspended in the ice.

I hope the icy grass on the golf course, was because they watered before the freeze.  That's supposed to help insulate.

 These blades of frozen grass, look like ice straws.

The prickly pear growing along the creek was frosted.

And, the gourd birdhouse, hanging high in the tree, was sprinkle with glittery frost.

Could this little guy be the one who left the skate pattern on the ice?  He looked cold, with his feathers all fluffed out.  Probably looking for a drink.  There was still water flowing along. 

It's supposed to be cold again, tonight.  I need to go cover some things, again.

You know....maybe we should've taken Santa's lead...

and headed on down to the tropics, after the Holidays.

Stay warm.


  1. Linda those are some wonderful photos you took of the ice. I love the "brush stroke" one and the ice straws are fantastic. That is flipping cold!-by the way. Will it stay that way for long? We get those freezes too and snow but it only lasts from a few days to a couple of weeks at most. Of course that's plenty of time to kill your favorite plants. sigh.
    Think tropical thoughts my friend and stay warm. ;-)

  2. Thanks, LeSan...We usually have a cold 'snap'. It sweeps in, kills your plants, and leaves. This one is hanging around a little longer.
    Of course, we've only lived in Central Texas a year. We moved down from the DFW area, in late 2008.
    Last winter was mild, here. Then, we had the record hot summer. Now, we have the record low winter.
    It's really a learning experience.

  3. This year has been a learning experience even for long-time central Texas gardeners. I can only hope we'll be rewarded for all this with a mild summer with adequate rainfall next year, but what are the odds? ;-)

  4. Love your ice pictures & Santa! And I think it's funny: yesterday we said, "Oh, we're up to 17 degrees now. Let's take off our coats!" Yea, and the difference between 9 & 10 on the thermometer. It's still cold!

  5. Linda the pictures of the frozen grass is so pretty.
    I think everyone is shouting its cold now.Strange winter.
    Stay warm.

  6. It sure does look cold! The grass looks really strange all coated in ice. Hope it gets a little warmer soon.

  7. Pam..I second your hope, for a mild summer, with enough rain. quickly we take what we can get. It was 'only' down to 18 here this morning. We're headed in the right direction.

    HHG & Catherine...the grass almost looked like it had been dipped in wax. Strange, but pretty.

    We're hoping for a warm-up here....before the next cold front.

  8. Oof! EIGHT!! Lovely pictures. Hopefully, your plants will come back in spring.

  9. This weather has just been insane. Now it's going to be 70 here today! I love all your ice shots but especially the cactus. Very pretty.


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