Monday, October 5, 2009

Please Fence Me In

We finally got the fence built this last week.  The Fence Guy (that really is the name of this fence company), showed up with the trailer full of peeled cedar posts. 

Our neighbor has this kind of fence.  Since our fence will abut hers, we thought this kind of post would look best.  Besides, I really like this look.

It took a lot of work, in this clay and limestone here.  The workers had to use a jack hammer just to remove the big rocks blocking the holes for the posts.

These guys know what they're doing.  They had those holes dug, and the posts in pretty quickly.

I got busy and missed photos of the rails going up.  And, of the wire panels.  But, I think we're pleased with the results.

The front gate.

The back gate.

It's seems much larger than we thought it would.  Funny how putting up a barrier can make a space seem larger, instead of smaller.

Looking toward the back, you can see where the grass has not come back along the deck.  That's the result of no hose end sprinklers or irrigation systems being allowed since May.  But, that might be a good thing.  There will be a stepping stone walkway along there.  Maybe the grass really won't come back.

Looking toward the front, the green grass on the left is alive because we used soaker hoses, trying to save the trees...and rain has helped, a lot.  But, that will be the grassy area of the yard.  The perimeter will be flower beds....beds the deer can't raid.

I've already started digging the dry creek/drain that will run through the yard.  Rain water runs through both sides of our property.  The former owner had a rock drain put in that drains a bit from the driveway.  The small ditch part of the 'drain' works pretty well.  But, it's not a look I like.  So, I'll be digging it deeper and putting in rocks, to make it look a bit better.  There will be a stepping stone walkway along the side.  I'm hoping it turns out the way I see it in my head.

Digging has been delayed by rain.  And, I spent quite a bit of time wiring deer netting to the front gate.  Seems the rails were too wide to contain this:

More about her later.


  1. Linda, this is one serious fence! No deers in your garden now?

  2. Wow, impressive fence and work in progress. Those deer will be foiled!

  3. Hi Meredith and Tatyana,
    Yes, those deer are already looking confused. There will be less for them to 'trim' for me, now.


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