Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloomday October 2009

Wow!  Here it is October, already.  Is it just me...or has this year flown by?

The weather here in Central Texas has been wetter in the last few weeks.  And, we've had yo-yo temperatures.  It's shorts one day, and sweaters the next.  I'm ready for the sweater weather to stay around a while.

While other gardens are coming back to life, mine is just hanging in there.  There are a few thing blooming, though.

The fuchsia Autumn Sage, salvia gregii.

Indigo Spires Salvia.  A little raggedy, but still going strong.

Pink Turk's Cap.  It's new and not in the ground, yet.  No tag on it, so not sure what the name is.

Marigolds.  These are on the front porch.  The deer haven't eaten them, yet.  Could this be something they really don't like?  And, yes, they DO come on the porch.

The one strand of blooms on the Inland Sea Oats.

The Plumbago never ceases to please.  There will be more of these next year.

And the bees and I are loving the Bulbine.  It has been a regular bloomer all summer.

This little guy showed up in this picture.  It's an Ashgray Lady Beetle.  A good guy.

The Wood Sorrell is blooming all over the place, among the Horse Herb.

Not really a bloom, but the Hyacinth Beans are still pretty.

And, does this count?  Little mushrooms are scattered all over the place.  We're a bit soggy here.  But, hey!  That's not a complaint.  We still need more rain. 

Happy Bloom Day.  If you want to see more blooms, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.


  1. Lots of pretties at your place. Bulbine seems to be a fav, all over. I'm pleased with mine.

    Happy Bloom Day.

  2. Love them all, esp that bulbine.

  3. Hello Linda,

    What beautiful flowers. I especially love your Salvia and Plumbago.

  4. Just lovely! Isn't it amazing what plants will do, even after/during this summer. Thanks for including the lady beetle; lots of people don't realize they come in different colors.

  5. Thanks for visiting.
    I had to look up the lady beetle in my 'Texas Bug Book'. Finally found one that color. I was thinking there's a green one that's not such a good guy. Have to do more research.


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