Sunday, October 11, 2009

~*~Be Sure to Say I Love You~*~

You never know what fate will bring to your doorstep. 

Saturday dawned one of those Texas days, where the weather was fresh and cool.  A cold front had come in the day before and driven away the heat and humidity of the week.  It had brought with it some more much needed rain to our area.  The temperature had dropped several degrees.  Instead of shorts, we donned sweaters to take our weekend guests to lunch.

We returned to the news that tragedy had struck on our quiet cul-de-sac.

Our neighbors next door are a nice couple...approaching their mid years, they have five lovely, well mannered children.  They're very active in their church and in the community.  One daughter is newly married.  One daughter and one son away at college. Two sons at in high school, one in middle school.

Mom was off on a fun trip with her sisters.  Dad took time for a tennis day, with the cool weather.
Dad never returned.  A massive heart attack took this seemingly hearty young man from his family.  It all happened in the blink of an eye.

We're a small town and word passes quickly. 
It's raining again out there today.  And, the cul-de-sac is full of cars.  Friends coming to give their support and comfort to this fine family.  And everyone is stunned.

This happens everyday, in large cities and small towns.  Sometimes, like this, it happens all of a sudden...sometimes slowly.  Either way, hearts are broken....loved ones seem lost.
And, you never really know when that time might come.

So, be sure to say I love you.  You might never get another chance.


  1. I am deeply sorry to hear about this family's tragedy. What a terrible loss they are suffering. You couldn't be more correct in telling us to love while we can. My heart goes out to his family and all that loved him.

  2. I am so very sorry, Linda. You are right about being sure to let your loved ones know how you feel. My mother's favorite saying was, "Life's too short". And so it was for this fine family's husband and father. A great loss much too soon. Life is also very precious, we must make the most of every second.

  3. I think you said it all in your last line. It is important to appreciate those around you because life is fragile. Your neighbors will be in my prayers.


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