Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day...

We all have lots of Mothers in our lives.  

We all start out with one mother,
and add more, along the way.

This is the one I started with.
She was a good mother.  A good wife.
She and my dad were married 56 years,
when he died.

She's the one who gave me my love of gardens,
and all things natural.

I wish I'd learned a lot more.

On Mother's Day, before we left for church,
she would always go out to her rose garden,
(She always had a rose garden.),
and get a red rose for me to wear,
because my mother was live,
and a white rose for her,
because her mother was gone.

Then, there's my Mother-In-Law.
Here she is, with my Father-In-Law,
at the Copa Cabana, in Miami.

She loved getting dressed up, and going out.
Movies, musicals...any kind of show.

She was NOT a gardener.
Her idea of fun outside, was a beach somewhere.
She grew up in south Florida.

She gave me the good man I married.
And, I thank her.

Next came our daughter.

She's a very good mother, to these two great kids.  
Always involved in their activities.  
Always busy.

She's becoming a good gardener, too.
They bought an old house, with a great garden.
She's learning that gardens can be fun...
and, lots of work.

Our Daughter-In-Law came to us already a mother.
She brought along two really great kids.
Twins...boy and girl.

Then, she gave us two more great kids.
Two beautiful girls.

She's another good mother.
Involved with her children. Teaching and 
urging them to do their best. 

She's a good gardener.  
Even took the Master Gardener classes.

We've gone on many garden tours together.

This year, we added one more mother.
Our oldest granddaughter gave us 
a beautiful little boy.

She's proving to be a good mother, too.

Maybe someday, when she gets a chance,
she'll learn to love gardening, too.

Enjoy all the mothers in your life.
They're all very special.

Happy Mother's Day...


  1. Lovely photos of your family and I still can't believe you are a Great grandmother.

  2. How special of your to share your family with us. This is a very sweet post - loved getting to see the little ones!


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