Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top 'O the Morning....

We had a bit of a storm last night.
A lot of noise. A little wind. 
And, some nice rain.

But, the day started nice and sunny, with everything newly washed.

My new little pig planter..a gift from our daughter's family...
was soaking up the sun, on the front porch.

The sun was lighting up the fenced yard.

I love the morning light, on the beds.

Making the dark spots glow a little.

Shining on the Rio...

and, making the fountain sparkle.

It shines across the porch...

making fun light and shadow.

Waking up the new Tree Aloe...another gift...from our son's family.
(Do my kids know me, or what?)

The Side yard is mostly in shadow...making the light in the 
Garden Grove glow....
What's that back there?

Another limb down.  Looks like it may have broken during the Big Storm, last week.
I guess the wind last night, brought it to the ground.

Glad I did the walk around. I might have seen this after the limb pick up, today.

It's always good to take a garden walk.

Hope your garden is glowing today.

Happy Gardening...

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