Thursday, October 15, 2015

This is Fall?....

The calendar says Fall.
But here in Central Texas, 
the thermometer still says Summer.

We're still hot...upper 90s...
and SO dry.
Still no rain here....
for almost FOUR months!

 across the Grove to Elli's Meadow

All the rain we had in the spring caused the
grasses to really grow.

The Grove

Now, all that grass is just fuel for fire.
It's a bit scary.

The Texas Sage keeps on blooming.
As the story goes, when the sage is in bloom, rain is close behind. a friend says...we should rename it
Liar's Bush!

But, a few other things are blooming, too.

A few of my favorites....

Lion's Tail.
Leonotis leonurus

Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia leucantha

Big Muhly
Muhlenberia lindheimeri

And, I've been doing some more clean-up.

Here's a before, during and after.

Yes...I finally got the Veggie Garden cleaned up.
I'll be fighting those grass seeds for the rest of my life.

But, for now, it's good.

I hope you're having a beautiful Fall.
We're hoping for cool, WET weather here, soon.
Maybe the Liar's Bush will come through, after all.

Now, I have to go sweep up leaves.'s that season....again.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Your veggie garden looks nice and tidy. Leonotus leonuris is a flaming beauty and your Texas sage still blooming, that means rain will come soon.
    I wish you a lot of rain!

  2. Nothing like the endless possibilities of a freshly prepped veggie bed. Good luck with your fall crops. The rains will come eventually.

  3. Gorgeous deep color on your Texas sage and that Lion's tail. Love both those plants. Glad to see you back out in the garden despite the temperatures. At least we have cooler evenings. Happy Bloom day


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