Monday, November 2, 2015

What is it With Halloween?....

I love the way the creek looks, and sounds, when the water is flowing.
The problem is, sometimes that will only happen
if we have a TON
of rain.

Just like two years ago on Halloween,
we had a lot of water come through here.

We had taken a quick trip. So we weren't home.

Our neighbor showed us a video she took, and the 
amount of water was mind boggling.

We have these water barriers. You fill them with water,
and they settle down like sand bags.

Well, too much water can pick it up and toss it to the side.

And, twist it like balloon art.

And, allow that water to get into the garage.

It only came up half way on the front porch. 
Didn't get through the door.

It piled up debris against the fence and gate.

Which backed it up against the garage wall.

I've taken ten cart loads of this out of just this area.

It washed out mulch, dug up a couple of new plants, 
and knocked down the wall in the Grass Bed.

The power of water is just amazing.

But, the land is already responding.
We had rain the weekend before, too.

It doesn't take long to turn dry and crispy into green.

Not to mention this always seems to happen right after they 
overseed the golf course for winter.
So, more grass to pull up.

The trampled and almost washed away wild onions, are already sprouting.
They must have strong toes.

Each time this happens, it changes the bed of the creek.
Look closely...see the deer watching?

We'll clean up and keep going.  
After's still a beautiful place.

Foggy mornings are pretty here.

It's mostly quiet and calm.
And, we like the view.

Even through the bathroom window.

We just need to watch out for scary Halloween weather.

Hope you're safe and happy, where you are.

Happy Gardening...


  1. The power of wind and water are beyond comprehension. Stay safe. Our flag blew off the flagpole yesterday when wind broke the rope.

  2. Water in combination with the force of wind is incalculable, we know that too well in our low little country. But I understand you love the place you live, the freedom of a piece of land and the that too.
    Regards, Janneke

  3. Really! Scuba divers for next years costume party. That's a bummer about the bags. Just when you think you have the answer you find you haven't. I guess that's why they use sand bags. And the wall being knocked down. Well, gardeners are made of strong stuff. they pick up the pieces and start again. All that water in the creek does make for a pretty scene.

  4. So much water this year! I'm glad it didn't get in your house. The creek sure is pretty when it's running high.


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