Monday, January 19, 2015

Catching Up...A Little...

Here it is past the middle of January, already.

Hope you all had great holidays.  We did.

Many mornings here have been cold and frosty..
Some rain and fog...moisture we really need.

But, makes you want to stay inside and stay warm.

I haven't been doing ANYTHING in the garden.
There are things that need to be done.  But, cold and no energy have kept me inside.

Plus...we've been 'downsizing' some of our stuff.

So, bags and bags of things are being donated.
Somebody can use it.

We celebrated this beautiful girl's birthday, just the other night.
Hard to believe she's so grown up.
Where does the time go?

And, remember this guy?

Well...tomorrow he has a BIG birthday, too.
Mine won't be until the end of October.
Then, in November, we have a BIG anniversary.

So, we're just going to celebrate the whole year.
Our 'dance card' is filling up fast....several trips and celebrations.
I think maybe we're trying to cram it all in,
while we still can.

Not sure what that will do to the garden.
Less time to work.
Depending on others to keep an eye on things.

Thank goodness for native plants.
We even have some the pesky deer don't eat.

So, I'll leave you with this view.
Yes, you've seen it before.  But, it hasn't changed much...maybe a bit
more rye grass, from the the golf course.

I'm off to do more cleaning out.
Maybe, I'll even get some freeze damage cut back in the garden, too.

Stay warm...

Happy Gardening...


  1. That fire looks so lovely! Wishing your other half a Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  2. Happy days ahead for both of you. Know what you mean about cleaning out but I'll bet those santas are not on the list. Let me know if they are.

  3. Happy Birthdays all around! Let's face it, past a certain age ALL birthdays and anniversaries are worth doing up big time. Your garden will be there for you whenever you have time, and if you do not? With your great foundational work, there is nothing that can happen you won't be able to put to rights if and when that time comes. Happy travels to you and your other half!

  4. Sweet post Linda. I'm with you about celebrating. Life is short, we have to live NOW.

    Loving the rain this week!


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