Monday, February 16, 2015

February Foliage Follow-Up...

Seems I've been neglecting this blog lately.

It's already the middle of February!

Time to join in with 
Pam at Digging,
Foliage Follow-Up.

Gold Dust Acuba

It was warm and overcast yesterday.  I got out and did some trimming.
I should have taken my photos then.  It's 30 degrees colder today.

Japanese Aralia

We're due for some freezing weather the next few days.
It just can't make up it's mind.

Japanese Holly Fern

It's been an interesting winter.

Asparagus Fern

Even though we've had lows in the low 20s a couple times this winter,
there are things that haven't gotten frozen back like usual.

Ruellia brittoniana

The Ruellia, for instance.  Very strange.

Purple Heart

And, things already peeking their heads out.

Plumbago auriculata

Canna lily

That makes me nervous.  Too early could mean things bitten back, and not recovering.

Dusty Miller


Softleaf Yucca

Some things just never seem bothered.
Guess I should try to protect some things this week, though.

One good thing...we've had more rain this winter.

I took these photos of the creek a couple weeks ago.

It's not flowing as much now.  We could use some more rain.

But, it is flowing.  I love to hear that sound.

This water helps the wildlife.  The frogs are enjoying it.
They sing their songs for us to enjoy, as we sit on the permitting.

So, that's what's happening in the garden here.
Be sure to visit Pam, for more February foliage.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I'm with you - I wish our weather would moderate just a touch. And more rain would be nice - I found myself hand watering transplants again last week which I was not planning on doing in February. That acuba is lovely. I love their golden polka dots. I'd thought I had one type of ruellia that had gone wild here but with some of it frozen back and a lot of it left standing, now I'm thinking I might have two different varieties that broke loose on me years ago. I know, lucky me, right? Here's hoping the freeze misses both our gardens.

  2. This has been a winter of crazy up's and down's. My red buds bloomed during one of those early warm-ups and then got zapped. I'm not sure if it will bloom again. My younger peach trees are actually leafing out now, which is just crazy. I don't mind a little cold, but I'm sure hoping we don't get any serious freezes.

  3. The acuba looks just as happy in winter as it does in summer. What a lovely plant. And yes to running creeks! Hasn't it been nice to have rain this winter?

  4. Love the ferns ... and seeing water flowing in the creek. I'll look forward to seeing the progress a month from now.

  5. Can't believe it's almost spring! I really enjoyed seeing all of your plants and creek. It'll be fun watching it "spring" more to life. :)


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