Friday, November 30, 2012

The Colors of Fall....

The last day of November.
How did that happen?  Seems like time flies faster and faster.

We have some fall color this year.
That's not always the case in Central Texas.  

The Blanco River, that was so low from the drought last year, is showing lots of color.
Those are Cypress trees.  The do make a mess, when all those tiny needles fall.
But, they make a pretty show first.

My neighbor Elli's Bradford Pear is putting on a show, too.

The leaves blow around and decorate the neighborhood.

Across the dry creek in back, these trees make a pretty view.

It's been very dry, again.  We haven't had measurable rain here, since September.
That's not a good sign.  Winter is supposed to be our wet season.

The deer are hungry.  That makes all our landscapes even more vulnerable.  
Gardening here is hard enough.  We just hope some rain will come soon.

I hope your November is winding down the way you like.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. WOW! Those are some spectacular pictures. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful pictures, we do need to appreciate the fall color we get around here. Mostly it's the hackberries along the creek, but it's still colorful.

    We had an inch of rain Monday night but sounds like you missed it.

  3. We're still dry, too. Two summers in a row...and now it's looking like a second winter in a row, as well. However, despite the hot, dry summer, we also had a beautiful, prolonged fall with gorgeous fall colors. Here's hoping that the drought breaks soon wherever it's taken hold!

  4. Great shots- that one of the river is stunning. I have been admiring the changing leaves as well. Great shot of the deer!!! It has been nice to have some evidence of fall though around - cause you sure don't FEEL that it's fall...... Beautiful photos.

  5. The San Antonio weather gurus are saying that October & November 2012 are the dryest for these two months in more than 100 years. November was less than 1/4" rain at our place, about 30 miles from you. And you're right about deer hunger--they're eating my lantana again, a plant they don't like.

  6. Sorry to hear it has been so dry in your is really dry here (midwest) also. Been that way all summer and now into the fall. YIKES!! I know that you don't like the deer eating your trees & bushes, but I sure do like that image of the deer. Hope you get moisture soon!!


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