Monday, October 1, 2012

Strange Things Are Happening...

We've been away for a while.  We took a trip out west.

Before we left, I showed you what we were up to around here.

We expected the find LOTS of loads of leaves to pick up, when we returned.

Not so much....

Instead, we come home to this....

Welcome rain....and, this sawdust stuff from the Cedar Elms, that we usually get in the spring.

And, look.....they're blooming!  

So, what's up with that?  

The leaves are now hanging on.  Are these trees confused somehow?

Any ideas?


There is no mystery what happened here, however...

This is the new center growth of an Agave lophantha.  The dear little deer have been at it again.
I found this, after I replanted a softleaf yucca, in the Front Bed.

Never a dull moment, when you garden.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Maybe that's the deer leaving a calling card and a "welcome back, we;ve been watching things for you!"

    Those elms are just celebrating rain when they get it. I will be next rain...

  2. Oh! A lophantha. I sure hope they don't come round mine. I would have thought that if they tried they would be sorry. I have few scars from that plant.

  3. The lophantha calling card is like when our little kitty used to leave us 'presents' to let us know she loved us! Glad your back for the best gardening season of the year!


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