Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...2012...

Yesterday was hot and humid.
Today is cool and dry.  A beautiful day to be outside.

The palm is doing well, in the Island Bed.

And, lots of things are blooming.

We've had this chrysanthemum for about two years.  It blooms spring and fall.

The Autumn Sage...Salvia blooming away.  
The magenta ones that were here when we moved in, seem to do the best blooming.

The Coral vine has a few blooms.  It really needs to be moved to a sunnier place.

The cosmos in the veggie bed just keeps on going.

The knockout rose is liking the cool weather, and the extra rains this year.

This lantana has been blooming a lot this year.
You know...I see this kind all over the neighborhood, without a fence around it.
Why do the deer only eat the blooms off this one?
I have to put wire around it.

The Lion's Tail is blooming again.  I needed to prune it back.  And, it needs more sun.
So, it's moving sometime soon.

The Oleander is finally blooming.

The Turk's Cap seems happy at the back of the fenced yard.  
It's been a challenge for me to get something to grow in this super shady spot.

The Mexican Bush Sage is putting on a show.

Truth in blogging....should I have pruned it, during the summer?
I'm not too happy with it flopping out into the yard.

And, I'm not too happy with the cannas here.  Only one bloom all summer.
There'll be some rethinking in this bed.

I must have picked a good spot for the Philippine Violet.

I love it's pretty purple blooms.

Over in the Veggie Garden:

The Hyacinth Bean is looking good.

I've never cooked any of these beans.  Maybe I should.
There won't be any lack of seeds for next year, though.

I planted some Tatuma squash.  The guy at Natural Gardener steered me to these.
They're less likely to have the Squash Vine Borers.

That seems to be true.  But, they sure take over a space.

They have LOTS of pretty yellow blooms.

But, few squash. (?)  The squash are good, though.  They're a bit more like zucchini than 
yellow summer squash.

And, look....the tomato vines are putting on fruit again.  The same vines from spring.
What a difference a year can make.


Now, from the 

This agave was growing and looking really good.
It dodged the Agave Snout Nose Beetle.

Then I go out and find this.  Shredded!!

Now, I have to figure out what to put in it's place.
This is the Drive Bed.  So far, the yuccas got zapped by the dreaded Snout Beetle, 
and now the agave is shredded.
A Sotol maybe?  
They don't seem to bother those.

I hope it's beautiful in your neighborhood.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Linday, I am putting my veggies and flowers to bed and yours are gorgeous!!!! LOVE the veggie blooms!

  2. Everything looks gorgeous. I especially wish I could grow hyacinth bean, but I have no direct sunlight for it. Deer eat agaves...that's a new one for me. Yes, a sotol gets my vote. I love the look and it would do well as long as your deer have read the same books on what they can and can't eat. LOL

  3. Oh those deer. They do seem to target specific plants, don't they? Evil is the word. Your list of plants to be considered for sunnier spots has reminded me I need to get out and make a list of what I want to move and get planning for transplanting. Thank you!


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