Friday, October 12, 2012

Plants at the Golf Course....

Recently, I posted about our trip to the desert,
and Golfing in a Garden.

I thought I'd show you a little of the Flora and Fauna there.

Some, I've not seen before.

This Bougainvillea is one I don't know.

From a distance, I thought it was a Crepe Myrtle.
Very upright....almost like it could be a tree.

But closer, I could see it was a Bougainvillea.
Smaller leaves....

And, clusters of smaller blooms.

Here's the Bougainvillea I'm used to.

And, this bush.  It gets quite large.

That's one, just ahead and to the left of these carts.  I saw some even larger ones.

It has these pretty yellow blooms.
Sorry for the photo.  My camera does NOT like to take pix of yellow flowers.

And, this silver shrub.  I think it's some kind of Sage.  I like it.

 There were lots of nice grasses....

And, the ever present Lantana...

The Palm Springs area uses Lantana a lot.  It's a good hot weather, drought resistant plant.

The landscaping at the villas at the Hyatt Indian Wells, is pretty good, too.

And, there were pink and white water lilies blooming in the water hazards.

With the water, and all those blooming things, there were lots of birds.

This little hummer...I think maybe a Black Chin Hummingbird...posed for me several times.

And, this little red bird took a lot of work to get a shot or two.

I think he's a Flame-colored Western Tanager.

This little guy...a Black Phoebe?...just came right up and posed on the handle of the rake in a sand trap.

And, this American Loon was swimming around with his friends, diving under water for whatever was on the bottom.

view from our balcony

I had a busy day, even though I didn't golf.

If you know the names of those plants I showed you, please let me know.
Hmmm....wonder if deer like them.


The Longhorns have a big game this weekend, up in Dallas.
We play our arch rivals, Oklahoma.

Hook 'em Horns!


Have a great weekend...


  1. I had to laugh when I found your blog and read the undertitle. We have so many deer I think we should sell tickets and bring in some tourists! Sorry about plant ID, I'm from southern Canada and they all look foriegn to me.

  2. The foliage of yellow flower plant reminds me of oleander; maybe some relative. Love the picture of the red bird looking at the camera.

  3. Great shots!!!! I like those bougainvilleas in the first photo- they don't do well here :0(
    You make me laugh with your comment on the camera and yellow flowers hahaha Your shots are great. And the birds- amazing shots!!!!!


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