Thursday, October 4, 2012

Golfing in a Garden...

Well...not really a Garden.
But, Indian Wells Golf Resort, in the city of
Indian Wells, CA, certainly looks like a garden.

This is near Palm Springs, CA...a trendy, desert resort area, since, at least, the 1950s.

The landscaping on this course is gorgeous.

It takes lots of water to make this work, here in this dry, desert area.

Mr P. has played in the
Aerospace Golf Retreat for many years.
This was the 22nd annual event.
The team above, has played together in many of these retreats.
Saturday is individual play.  Sunday is team play.

I don't play in this.  I did once (yikes!)....that was enough.
But, I got up early on Sunday, to ride around with the team
and take photos.

Up early gets you a beautiful sunrise.

I'll just let you enjoy some of the sights, without too many words.

I took many more than this...but, you get the idea.
It's beautiful!

And, this year was overcast, and not as hot as years in the past.
It can get really hot here.

And, once again, Our Team decided this would be the last time.
This is the third 'last and final' group hug, as a finale.

We'll see if this works out.

It's a beautiful place, and we always have a great time.

It really is like
Golfing in a Garden.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Beautiful! Some of your photos look like paintings. I love the area too.

    Golf courses are my favorite planned landscapes. Those swaths of green surrounded by trees are usually gorgeous.

    Glad to hear you had a good time. We lived about an hour from there for a while and the end of September was usually the hottest time.

    1. It is a pretty place. And, it's usually really hot. The organizers of this tournament get a good price, this time of year.
      But, the heat and the 'advancing ages' of our team are making it less and less fun to play in this. The end of an era...haha
      Mr P's cousin lives about an hour away, in a lovely community. We enjoyed a nice visit with them, and their beautiful view of the mountains.

  2. Oh what a gorgeous place to visit, play golf (altho the heat must have been a killer) and to just enjoy. thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos!!

  3. That is one gorgeous golf course!

  4. What a well-designed golf course that is, considering it is a more traditional US course with wide fairways, etc. The plant massing makes it a garden, quite a garden for sure. I always likened golf as a great sport because on the right course, you get to play a very simple but perhaps most technically difficult sport, and do it all in a garden. Some day, I may golf again!

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  6. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the view, beth f


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