Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Years, Already?

View from kitchen window, 2009

Has it been two years, already?  I was searching local garden blogs, trying to learn what would work, here in the Hill Country.  Then, I decided I'd join in.

There wasn't much of a garden then.  I dug this strip along Elli's fence.

It's changed a bit since then.

The Rock Bed, and the Veggie Garden, then.

And, now.  All dug, and redug....planted and replanted. 

The Deer Grove hasn't changed much.

Not as green as last year.  We really need some rain.

The deer are still around.  This is an old picture.  The novelty of taking photos of them, has worn off.  We've come to a bit of an understanding, though.  I've figured out some things they really won't eat.  And, if I can protect things until they take root, they pretty much leave them alone.  The battle is keeping things in the ground long enough.  They pull up what they don't eat.

Willow is still here.  He's still Elli's kitty.  But, he thinks this is his house.

Some of the big changes, have been the Rio (rock drain) and the fence.  It really changed the side yard.  I can plant things deer love, and the rain drains a bit better.  Did I tell you, we really need rain?

Then, of course, there's Maggie....new family member/garden helper.  Garden 'helper' could be a bit of a stretch.

   I've learned a lot from other bloggers.  I hope some learned a little from me.  I know I've met a lot of really nice people, through blogging.

There have been many successes and failures, here at Patchwork Garden.
It's all coming together.  Gardens are constantly changing...as are the gardeners.  

It rained a bit last week....a whopping .08....which left this lovely, golden decoration from the Live Oaks, on the rain barrel.  That's the most rain we've had since October.  Didn't fill the barrel, though.

Did I tell you....we need rain!!

Maybe by the next anniversary for Patchwork Garden, there will have been a lot more...gentle, soaking...rain.

Wherever you are, I hope you're having some good gardening weather.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Just found your blog and so Happy anniversay Linda. Enjoyed the retrospective with the the then and now pics. Andy plans for the future? Your garden helper, Maggie, looks like great company. We need rain too so I know that drying feeling


  2. Maggie is adorable!!! Your garden looks so relaxing...hope you get rain soon.

  3. Happy bloggerversary to us both! I celebrated two years on April 19. Time flies when you're having fun!

  4. The transformation in your yard is incredible! Love all that you've done and happy 2 year blogging anniversary!

  5. Linda it is looking beautiful down there! Maggie appears to be absolutely indispensable! what on earth would we do without our helpers?

  6. Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes.

    Caroline...I missed your anniversary. Happy second.
    Isn't it funny, how fast time flies, when you're trying to keep things alive???

  7. Congrats on your 2-year blogiversary! I've enjoyed seeing your garden's progress, and these before-and-after shots really bring home how much you've accomplished.

    Here's to a rainy May (fingers crossed!).


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