Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Days...

We've had lots of sunny days here at Patchwork Garden, lately.  And, there has been a lot of work going on.

This is what the Rio looks like, outside the fence....full of leaves and dirt.  Still needs to be cleaned out.

But, inside the fence, I've cleaned all that out.  That means, remove rocks, remove dirt and leaves, return rocks....Whew!

I've hauled a few loads of rocks up from the creek.

And, lined the reworked flower beds.

 We remodeled the Deck Bed.  We went for one of those bubbling pot fountains, for our 'focal point'.

And, we came home with this.  Not quite what we were thinking...but, it's working out.

There's been lots of container planting.

I like geraniums....

...and, the frilliness of Diamond Frost Euphorbia.


...in two colors.

African Daisies, Osteosperum, look good in my birthday Mexican pot.

They have such happy, sunny faces.

Impatiens of several different types and colors.

For containers, and the beds, some soft coral verbena.

A replacement Coral Nymph salvia coccinea.  One came back from last year, one didn't.

Coleus...which seems ok, even though I forgot to cover it last night...it got down to 30 degrees....ugh

Daniella, that still needs to go in the ground.

We're trying a Knockout Rose this year, in the deck bed.  This was what it looked like before yesterday's high winds.

A new Gold Dust Acuba

Japanese Holly Fern...

It's dusted with gold, too.....oak pollen.

Mr. P. keeps telling me I'm always in too big a hurry.  Well...I grabbed this, thinking it was Palm Grass...one didn't make it through winter, in the front bed.  There was no tag...but, there on the side, I noticed a small label....it turns out it's Ground Orchid (Spathoglottis plicata).  How lucky!..I've been wanting one of those.  Paid off this time.

Speaking of lucky...remember last year when my sweet neighbor, Elli, had some yard work done?  She gave me a bunch of Agave Lophantha.  Well...she's at it again.  This time, I rescued the trimmed off part of a Yucca...I think Soft Leaf.

And, winter damaged Agave....

Two!..I don't know what kind they are.  I need to do some research.  I hope it all makes it.

The Atumn Sage, salvia greggii, is beginning to bloom.  I was late trimming them, so they're a little late getting going.

I've been late with the veggie garden, too.  But, the tomatoes are in and living in their little ghost houses.  Lots more work needs to be done here.

Things are moving along, in the Deer Grove. These haven't bloomed, in our three springs here.  But, there are more pads on the Prickly Pear. 

Does this remind you of anyone?

We've been busy with other Spring activities, too.  More on that later.

Hope you're having some happy, sunny days. 

Happy Gardening...


  1. I wanted to let you know your post was
    so beautiful that it is featured on
    WebGarden today. Our readers enjoy
    getting ideas and inspiration. I hope
    many will follow your blog after visiting.
    Thanks for sharing your gardening talents!
    ~Brooke (CreativeCountryMom)
    Here is the link to see your post....

  2. Wow, what a beautiful garden you have. So much to take in. Your hard work shows.

  3. Beautiful spring bloomers, Linda. Love the blue flowers behind the group shot!

  4. Thanks everyone, for visiting.

    Brooke~~Thanks for posting my blog. It's an honor.

    Patty~~It is a lot of work, but worth it.

    Grace~~The blue flowers are Bluebonnets. Not many blooming along the roads this year. No fall rains.

  5. Wow, you have been busy! It's all gorgeous. Your birthday Mexican pot is a dream and the fountain: what a great idea! And what a kick about getting the ground orchid instead of palm grass. Better choice anyway since the bletilla is so reliable, though not as gregarious as palm grass. Fun!


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