Tuesday, November 16, 2010


leaves 11
Fall is here.  
We don’t get the fall color here in Central Texas, that other parts of the country do.  But, we’ll take what we can get.
So, for Foliage Follow-Up this month, I though I’d show you our leaves.
leaves 1
Most of our color, here at Patchwork Garden, comes from the Cedar Elms.
leaves 3
We do have oaks, other than the Live Oaks.
leaves 4
I’m not sure what kind this is.  But, it turns are beautiful rust in the fall.
leaves 6
The Crepe Myrtles, along the cart path, turn a bright ruby red.
leaves 7
And, so does the Virginia Creeper.
leaves 8
Looking back to the house from the creek, the color is mostly yellow and gold.
leaves 9
But, looking from the house to the creek, you see all the colors of our fall.
leaves 10
Then, there are these leaves.  Piles and piles of Cedar Elm leaves.  Keeping things neat is a full time job, this time of year.  But, leaves make good compost.
Hope your fall is as lovely as ours.

For more Foliage Follow-up, be sure to visit Pam at Digging.

Happy Gardening…


  1. I've really been noticing the cedar elms and crepes this week. It seems to be peak color for them. Yours are looking lovely too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How lovely! I would love to know the mystery plant if some can identify. Do you have shin oaks?

    It's so interesting because I don't have much leafy color yet at all. The Virginia creeper is still green. The evergreen sumac has turned yellow and the Mexican plum is a gorgeous soft orange. And hey, those leaves will be really lovely in the compost pile!

  3. Have always loved the fall color of the Cedar Elms; when looking out on a central Texas hillside, the yellow really stands out.

  4. Wonderful color! Love the bottle tree photo as well.

  5. I really like the translucent greens and blues on the leaves in your first tree. I'll have to make--er, plant--me one of those! *grin*


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