Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sometimes, living in Central Texas is like riding a weather roller coaster.  One day, you're in shorts....then a 'cold front' comes through.  There's a freeze, or a frost and ZAP!....there goes your plants.  Then, you're back in shorts again.

  The Castor Bean was finally really blooming.  I was hoping for some seeds.

I want more of these next year....even taller and fuller.  I bought these as transplants, at a garden show.  I just don't remember which booth.

The above picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving....80 degrees Fahrenheit.  On Thanksgiving Day, as we drove to our son's home, the temperature dropped 25 degrees in 15 miles! 

 The next morning was 20F....and, this is how the Castor Bean looks now.

The pretty red pom poms are brown.

I saved them.  I'm hoping they have some good seeds inside.  I'm not too sure what to do with them.  Do you know?

I just might have to remember where I got the ones this year.

HOPE, is what keeps gardeners coming back for more.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I have that scene played out in my garden too. I once bought some castor bean seeds but never actually planted them. Now that I have seen what a pretty flower they make I may try to do it again. I think we must share the same mini zone!

  2. Wow--we're not far south of you but our temps didn't even hit freezing. But we had that 20 degree drop in 15 minutes...it's never boring in the Hill Country.

  3. We seem to be in a cold pocket here. Mr. P. says it's the 'valley effect'. All I know is, it gets cold here...and, we miss a lot of the rain..when it does finally come.

    I saw a huge castor bean at the Master Gardener tour last fall...then, found some at the Zilker show this spring. Just can't remember which booth. I like their tropical look...and, the deer don't eat them. They're poisonous.

    Thanks for dropping by.....

  4. Hi Linda, One thing about Castor plant and seeds is that they're extremely poisonous. It's what that poison Ricin is made out of. You can find Castor seed through online seed houses. They're really easy to germinate.

    Love your photos. Sorry the darn weather took them out. Mine are a mushy mess too.


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