Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unwelcome Visitors.....

I caught these guys heading for the beds, outside the fenced yard.  They'd already dug up some Lamb's Ear, and made holes around the area. 

The little one scurried away.  The big one headed toward me.  I high tailed it back up onto the deck.  Armadillos' claws can do some damage.  He/she bumped into the wire we have around the base of the keep out critters...then, went slowly off in the other direction.  But, I think they both came back the next night.

Another wildlife challenge, here at Patchwork Garden.

Happy Gardening...



  1. They look like they were intent on wreaking havoc in your yard.
    Intriguing little creatures. Hope they stay away from your plants.

  2. Armadillos are really cool. I've never seen one alive before:)

  3. I remember the first time I saw an armadillo. In fact I can tell you the date. It was Feb25th 1968 at Hamilton Pool. I had arrived from England on the Monday , married on the Saturday and a honeymoon trip to Hamilton Pool in a borrowed red sportscar the next day.It was like seeing some prehistoric creature. Never seen a live one since. Mind you we have only been back here 16 years. Seen evidence of them outside our walls but they don't seem to like climbing steps. Hope they don't get in the garden.

  4. Jenny is right--they do look prehistoric. You got a good picture of them considering they are night visitors. My garden is frequently disturbed by dillos as well. I'm simultaneously charmed and annoyed by them.


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