Friday, September 10, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For...

My mother used to say 'Be careful what you wish just might get it'.  It's advice I passed down to my children.

Well, I thought I was being careful, wishing for a 'little rain'.  You know, a couple inches, spread out over a couple days.

Tropical storm Hermine had a different idea.  We got almost 9...that's NINE...inches, here at Patchwork Garden.

And, we were lucky. 

As she moved north, Hermine dropped more and more rain.  On the other side of Austin from us, she dropped 15 inches or more.  All the way up to the DFW area, where she caused more flooding, and tornadoes, too.  I'm not sure just what made her so mad.

Since we have a little bit of a drainage problem here, we had a little bit of water in our garage.  That is nothing.  Lots of people were flooded out of their homes.  Tornadoes damaged businesses and homes.

We were lucky..

Sunshine in the Rain.

We'll be working on our drainage problem.  We'll be praying for the people who had messes made of their homes.  And, we'll remember

Be careful what you wish for....

This time, we were lucky.


  1. Oh Linda, what a mess! It seems as if mother nature has got PMS sometimes.

    I hope there isn't too much damage for you.

  2. Wow, you had more of a problem than I did with all the rain. I got lucky I guess, well except for my catfish, Charley. It looks like aretaining wall to divert the water might be in your future. And, of course, some plants to make the wall look good. I can always find an excuse to buy more plants.

  3. I loved the picture of your 'sand bags'. Smart move.

    We had 7 inches and a roof leak.

    Glad you're going to attack the drainage. Then you'll be able to laugh at the rain.

  4. Ah, Linda - that's a lot of rain. Loved seeing the mulch bags instead of sand bags - how creative of you. Sorry about your drainage - we have problems too, but we've worked on them for years and it is tolerable most of the time. The worst place is the walk to the front door where there's a dip and the puddle was 5 feet wide! Luckily folks can come in through the garage!

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I hope none of your problems were too big.

    I was sorry about Charley, Bob.

    Our problem will be a challenge, because it's the driveway. We can't just block it off. Maybe a 'speed bump' sort of thing would divert it.

    Although it's in the city 'easement', they seem to think it's our problem, not theirs.

  6. I think a few sandbag purchases are in our future too. The dry creek overflowed its banks!


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