Monday, August 8, 2016

In the Lime Light....

I've talked about our daughter's new/old house.
And, the great yard and garden, 
that came with it.

Among the great plants,
is a big lime tree.

I've never lived where you could have a citrus tree,
right in your front yard.

This one needed some care...
trimming and pruning back.

And, that happened.
Looks nice....

And, it seems very happy.
Lots of limes...

We came home Saturday,
with over ten pounds of these delicious limes.
Some are small...but SO tasty.

There is probably another ten pounds on the tree.
And...more to come.

Since we all love limes,
this is a very good thing.

Hope your weekend was great, too.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Wow, that's great they are having their own limes and so many......It's not only nice to have own limes but the fragrance of the flowers must be lovely too.

    1. I didn't notice much fragrance from the flowers...not like orange blossoms. But, the leaves smell just like limes.

  2. She certainly is fortunate to have a ready made garden. What are you going to do with them? Margaritas, Key lime pie, marmalade?

    1. So far, we're having them with vodka and sparkling water. We like tonic, too. But, we're out of the brand we like. We get Randall's brand...actually cans. Less expensive and good.
      Also, we've had some limeades. Wondering if I can freeze the juice.


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