Monday, November 25, 2013

It Wintered Here....

Maybe not for long. Warm weather will probably return.
But, for November, in Central Texas, it's been cold.
And, rainy.

We haven't gotten out of the thirties here since last Friday.
Thursday was 80F.

The water is still flowing down the creek, and across the cart path.
That pipe has been clogged up, for a while.

And, wet, soggy leaves are stuck to everything.
We cleaned up several cart loads, just before the cold front blew in.

There'll be more sweeping and raking and hauling, once things dry out.

Hope you're keeping warm where you are.
Looks like our little piece of Winter, is spreading across the country.

Happy Gardening...

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  1. Great scenes, and now the dry out and pick up resumes! Hopefully, that culvert gets cleaned out, but it looks like a mini-Niagara Falls once a week from your posts. I guess since the tip of TX has been perfect since mid-Sept, it had to end with some ice and snow.


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