Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, Again....

Is it just me?  Or, is this year passing by pretty fast?

It's Friday...again.
We've spent the week trying to keep things alive.  No rain.  Cool mornings, but HOT afternoons.

But, a 'cold front' is on the way.  Lower temps for next week.
We won't need sweaters.  But, we'll always take what we can get.

A week ago, we were at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.
The American Beautyberry was putting on a show.

I'd really like to have one of these.  
Hmmmm....what will I have to move?
It has to be inside the fence.

Busy plans for the weekend.  Seems sports take over our lives, this time of year.
Hope that cold front gets here soon.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. Can't wait for that cold front next week! Rain tomorrow will also help. Beautyberry is so pretty.

    The deer have never nibbled my beautyberry and it is well within reach of them.

  2. One of my favorite visitors to my beautyberries in Mobile were the mockingbirds. Oh, and it's a great shrub to grow a clematis or 2 up through!

  3. Seeing your picture prompted me to run out and check on the volunteer beautyberry out front. . . awwww, it looks so small, sad and droopy. No lovely berries; barely alive. :(

  4. Beautyberries are one of my favorite plants. They grow wild in my neck of the woods and they look fabulous this year. The plants are absolutely covered with berries and still have their leaves as well which is a little unusual. The leaves usually drop off in August, but I guess the July rains helped out.

  5. Beautyberries can really be spectacular...hope you find a spot for yours.


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