Monday, October 24, 2011


We have quite a few hawks around here.  You can hear them cry out almost everyday.
The little birds head for cover, when one swoops in.

Last year, about this time, these two came around.
I think they're Red Shouldered Hawks.  They're very pretty.

They're big birds....about 18 inches.  

Two years ago, we were in another drought.  This Broad-winged Hawk came by for a drink.

It was late in the day, so my photo wasn't so good.

These are a bit smaller hawks....15 inches.  I like his polka dotted pantaloons.

This guy is around here a lot.  

He's a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  He's not so big....about 11 inches...the size of a White Winged Dove.

I finally got a photo of him.

We have lots of birds around here.  They've been emptying the feeders daily.  There are no seeds in the fields for them.  

But, those feeders that help the little birds, make an easy target for the big birds.

I guess that's just nature.

'Til next time...

Happy Gardening...


  1. I love the Red Shouldered Hawks. They are beautiful. I've always liked hawks, they are so regal looking. Probably wouldn't care for them if I were a small bird though;) Great photos.

  2. Great photos, Linda! We have hawks nearby, but they are really hard to photo. So graceful in flight and I love to hear their hunting calls.

  3. We have a lot of hawks around here, too. Some of them are big enough to where we have to stop feeding the birds so much for a while. We also have to stay outside with our little pommie when they're flying over the neighborhood during one of her potty breaks.


  4. Great to see your different hawks, too. Never heard of the Red Shouldered Hawk. They are majestic for sure, though when they swoop low and slow over me as I rest on a hike or ride, that is freaky!

  5. Goodness - some pretty impressive shots (especially of birds of prey). You're very lucky to have that many appearing in your garden - must be an incredible wildlife habitat.

  6. We do think we have a little bit of heaven, here.

    Lots of wildlife...mostly the deer.

    I have yet to see a rabbit, though. Strange. I mentioned that to my neighbor, Elli, who is in a constant fight with racoons. She's been here about ten years longer. She said come to think of it, she hasn't seen any either.
    Maybe the deer eat up all the same things they need.

    But, we have plenty other things. Even an alert from our little city (Woodcreek) about a Mountain Lion sighting. Maybe that's a little too wild!

    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Thanks for visiting me today. I LOVE that quote from Steel Magnolias. It totally made me smile! Thanks! HAve a lovely day!

  8. Thanks for the great photos and ID of the sharp-shinned. Actually, all of them! That's very cool that you live where you can see so many of them. I just love them (except when they use my feeders for a buffet!).


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