Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Week Flew By....

Is it me?  Or, did this last week fly by?

Lots of sunshine made the new green even greener....very nice.

Instead of getting outside in the great weather, I spent time at the sewing machine, 
putting together some quilts.

Just have to do the quilting now.  More time inside....

We had a foggy morning Sunday.  These two bucks were playing some reindeer games....butting heads and rubbing their antlers together.  

They stopped long enough to pose for me.

One of the trees beside the veggie garden looks like it was getting into the Halloween mood.

I missed Garden Blogger's Bloomday.

And, Foliage Follow-Up.

We had a cold front blow in...literally.  High winds and colder temps.
It has been mid 30s here the last two mornings. 

I got some cuttings potted up.

And, we moved the tender plants to the porch.

I like the cooler weather.  There is lots to do, outside and in.  
Seems like this month is busy, busy.

But, looks like Fall is really here.  
Fall is my favorite season.

Hope you're having a fun month, too.

'Til next time..

Happy Gardening...


  1. Your quilts are so pretty. Sewing is a talent I do not possess. The foggy morning photos do look very Halloween-ish. Great picture of the two bucks. It is a wonderful time of year. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  2. Wow - temps in the 30s. That sounds a bit like the real deal, cool weather wise. It got down to the mid 40s here in west Austin recently and I thought that was kind of spectacular. Except I'm not all the way ready for winter gardening yet. Not nearly.

    Loved the deer posing for you. Mine know better - if I'm headed towards the ones around here they know they'll be chased off to nibble somebody else's greenery.

  3. Wow! What a great set of photos. I especially love the deer. You have such a nice garden.
    About those poor chickens..yes, I've heard horror stories of this happening. It turned out to be a raccoon determined to grab the chickens through the wiring. Fortunately, our neighborhood raccoons must get plenty of free dog food! :-)
    Happy Cooler Weather,
    David/ :-)

  4. We did have a good weekend. Hope you all did, too.

    Deer are fun to watch...from a distance. It's been quite a challenge, learning to garden with these critters around. We have SO many of them.

    Supposed to have another cold front, and an outside chance of rain. Let's hope they're right. We still really need rain.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Linda I've so enjoyed this post! You've got a little slice of heaven out there...can just imagine how much you love sitting in that swing watching the goings on ;)

    The cooler days/evenings have been miraculous for the garden haven't they? The psyche too!

    I recently purchased an old quilt face at a vintage shop that hasn't been quilted. Can you offer any advice about getting it quilted? Anyone you know that might be interested? I can send you a picture of it if you need more info. My email is if you have any suggestions. Thanks so much! Your quilts are beautiful, btw. And, love that Longhorn orange ;)


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