Monday, May 2, 2011


Agapanthus and Silver Ponyfoot

Again...I've been planting more plants.  I was up in Austin... and since I was so close... I stopped in to Barton Springs Nursery, looking for a few things.  Well...I didn't find what I was looking for...Cuban Oregano.  But, you can't just leave a nursery empty handed.  Right?

Again....I believed the 'deer resistant' claim.  I'd seen posts of Texas Betony, and liked what I saw.  And, some people seem to have it outside fences, in deer country. see what happened to it here.  I'm leaving it there.  It still has some life, and maybe, just maybe, it'll come back and they'll leave it alone.

Again...I'll be moving this basket...and other baskets and pots...inside tonight.  Yesterday, the high was 95...then a cold front came in.  This morning was 45 and predicted colder tomorrow morning.  This is CENTRAL's been way hot, way early, already....and now a 'cold snap'.  It'll be back to hot, by the end of the week.

Again....the rain missed us.  We had a 60% chance....but, it was not to be.
Today is cold and cloudy.  We have another slight chance for rain.

 But, the fenced yard is coming along.

And, the Veggie Garden is, too.  It's a bit behind schedule.  Too busy with other areas.

The bush beans are looking good.

Trying squash, yet again. 

The okra is coming along.

And, the cucumbers are taking off.

We have tomatoes on all the vines.  I have to decide if I'm covering these AGAIN tonight.  We could get down to the 30s, if Austin gets low 40s.....ugh.

One that the deer don't bother....Black and Blue salvia, Salvia guaranitica.  Don't you love that blue, with the black calyx?  I've read this can be invasive.  It spreads by roots, like mint.  That's ok.  Lots of something this pretty that deer don't eat, will be ok with me.

And, look at the new growth on the spineless prickly pear that Elli gave me, when she redid her beds.  The deer had ruined the large plant, rubbing against it.  The bucks rub the 'velvet' off their new antlers, against small trees, yuccas...anything they can.  It can kill young trees...rubbing off the bark. 

The deer are pretty...but, they're pretty pests.  We just have to learn to live with them.

 The weather has been a real challenge, so far this year.  The terrible storms in the southeast...the floods in the midwest....our daughter had a blizzard in her part of North Dakota, over the weekend, after warming up there..they have floods up there, as well....most of Texas in drought, and wildfires breaking out daily.  Hopefully, things will get to some kind of normal soon. 

I hope, wherever you are, you're having a good gardening day.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Your garden seems to be taking off! How impressive. I have just started with a few tomato plants, basil and jalapenos here at the nursery in the back and all seem to be doing well. Nice photos! I enjoyed visiting your blog- came here by way of Rock Rose.

  2. Hi Kacky,
    I found your site through Rock Rose, too. I love her blog.
    And, your nursery and blog look great, too.
    I'm down here in Wimberley. Need to get up to your place and see what you have I can't live without.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. You've got some great veggies coming along. I like your deer-proof fence.

  4. I can never leave Barton Springs empty-handed! I think the deer are eating anything right now, they are so hungry. I almost feel sorry for them.


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