Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder….

8-10 evening gang
Sometimes I wonder, why I think I can have a garden, outside a fence.

8-10 evening gang 2
This is partly my fault.  Instead of putting veggie scraps in the compost…where they forage it out, anyway….I threw it out in the grove…a little farther from the house.

8-10 evening gang 3
It didn’t take long for the word to go out…’There’s food and drink,  over there at Patchwork Garden.’

8-10 evening gang 4
These are our ‘regulars’.  But, they don’t usually come all at once.  I think Mr. P. counted twenty six.

Oh, well…..we just have to learn to live together.



  1. Oh Linda! I think we've got to stage an intervention here. With this many regulars, they'll eat everything, even lantana.

    Time to stop the feeding...

  2. I bury my compost. At least a foot deep. Otherwise I would have bears every night.

  3. OH My!! How do you garden? I must admit...they are beautiful and I love your photos.

  4. They're out there, food or not.

    They like to hang out in what we call, the Deer Grove. There is shade and it was apparently 'their place', when we moved here.

    If I'm not too lazy, I can turn the compost really, and they don't dig too deeply.

    And, yes...they do eat the blooms on the lantana. But, neighbor gave up on having a plant on her front porch. She put a plastic plant out there...a nice looking one, too. Apparently it was very lifelike....THEY ATE IT!

    How do you fight that????

  5. They look enchanting. How close do they come? BTW we started at Blotanical together last June. Still going strong over a year later. Happy blogaversary!

  6. Linda,
    Wow. What a beautiful sight. Although that many deer could mow down a garden in no time.

  7. I love this! You have this beautiful land to share with these lovely creatures. Connecting to nature is so much a part of why we do this and don't stay inside all day. These pictures are a beautiful sight. Your inside-the-fence garden is just perfect anyway.

  8. Hi Linda~~ Amazing animals. I've heard and read that, at least in my area, what deer really want is water and salt and if you provide both for them they won't eat your plants. Since I don't really have deer issues to speak of I haven't tried this but you've got the right idea. Everybody needs to eat. Kudos to you for caring about the wild among us! Fences make great neighbors!


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