Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being Green...

So....what do you do, when you've already had 44 days of triple digit temperatures...and, less than 3/4 inch rain in two months?

How do you keep your cool???

When everything around you is turning brown...how do you stay green??

Well....if you're a Green Anole, you can hide in the fig bush.

...or behind an electric box.

If you're a Red Eyed Devil, Greater Arid-Land Katydid, you hide from the sun on a big blue pot, at the Wimberley Glassworks studio.

Or, you just hang out as a member of the cactus family.

I don't know these agave's names, but they're hanging in there, and actually growing in this horrid, dry summer.

This one, is our newest plant family member. He's a Golden Barrel Cactus. We haven't found a proper pot for him, yet. But, he looks very pretty on the deck.

Here we are just starting into August. That's historically the hottest...and dryest...month for Texas. I think we're headed for our 45th triple digit day, today. There are a few fluffy, cotton ball kind of clouds, floating around in a bright, blue sky. But, no rain clouds in sight.

We'll just keep on plugging....dragging the hose around to give drinks to the plants and the critters. We'll try to keep some life out there...

but, it's not easy being green....


  1. Nice post, treating dependency of green on water and on us leisurely. When they are in the wild, nature will handle them, and they survive achieving some form of balance and equilibrium. When they are with us, they become so pampered...

  2. Clever post -- I love the hidden anole. Our plants and wildlife are doing what they need to survive -- luckily some to success!

  3. Ooh, you said it, it ain't easy being green when you have the kind of weather you've been having. Hang in there! I saw your Cenezio blooming there so that means some rain and hope!

  4. Hi, to all.
    It is pretty amazing that anything is still alive out there. The grass is fried, but will probably come back when it does rain. Especially, where I don't want it..haha.
    The cenizo just decided it would bloom. Others around here have been blooming all summer. Then, while we were at the beach, it broke out with blooms all over.
    I love surprises like that.


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