Thursday, August 13, 2009

By the Sea

We just spent a glorious four days at the beach, relaxing and hanging out with kids and grandkids.

It was hot there, too. But, somehow, it didn't feel as bad.

The morning view across the bay was beautiful and calming.
Castle building on the beach in the afternoon, with refreshing dips in the water, was fun for all.

I'm already missing the relaxing fun. We're back to the heat and the drought.

But, we have those days by the sea to remember.


  1. Wonderful photos of your beach vacation! I'm a 'sea and sand' lover myself...this year we didn't have a trip to the ocean (at least not yet)-we 'might' be able to get to Virginia Beach when my daughter goes back to school at the end of the month...I've been dealing w/Lyme disease and since I'm on doxycylene my skin burns quite easily at the moment...I've mainly been trying to stay out of the sun! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope you'll find some 'cool' moments during the rest of your 'hot, dry' summer to relax and find some color in your garden!

  2. Thanks, Jan. I had read about your troubles with Lyme Disease. I'm so sorry about that. There seems to be more of that out there than I knew.
    I have to be careful of the sun, too. I had a bout with melinoma last year. A side affect of too much unprotected sunbathing.
    I hope you still get to go to the beach. Sit in the shade and enjoy the sea.


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