Monday, June 15, 2009

June is Busting Out All Over on Bloom Day

Here it is the middle of June is still June, right? Feels more like August. The heat has really hit early. And, the garden is feeling it. But, there are lots of things blooming out there. The Rock Rose, Pavonia lasiopetala, that came from the old house. Periwinkle 'Cora Apricot', in a hanging basket in the garage side bed Another Periwinkle in a bright rosy pink. Deer don't eat Periwinkles!

A bright yellow Gazania, in another hanging basket in the garage side bed. Our new Mexican Oregano, Poliomintha longiflora. There are several of these in the neighborhood. Deer don't eat these, either. I think I might need a few more of these. A nice pink Mexican Petunia, Upright Ruellia pink chi chi. Anothe "deer resistant" plant. But, it's been trimmed a couple times since it was planted.

A pale pink Calibrachoa that I got for Mother's Day. Although this is another deer resistant, it's on the back deck. There's a brighter pink one in a basket outside the fenced veggie garden that the deer haven't bothered.

Maybe I need these all over the yard.

There's a bright red Cyclamen left from Christmas that seems quite happy on the deck. The new Society Garlic, Tulbaghia violacea, in the "rock" garden.

In the fenced veggie garden, there are lots of blooms.

' Royal Palace Prince' continues to put on a show. 'Country Fair Winds' still shows her pretty face everyday. And the lovely yellow of 'Happy Returns'. 'So Lovely' is still hanging in there. As is, 'Pandora's Box'.The Pole Beans are producing. As are the Purple Hull peas. Not enough of either for a meal, yet. Next time I should plant either one or the other. There's not enough room for both. There are still squash, although I lost one vine to squash vine borers just yesterday. I'm sure there will be more lost soon. We've had lots of cucumbers. These are 'Straight Eight'....very sweet and tasty. The Malabar Spinach has a little, insignificant bloom. But, the leaves are delicious. The only Hyacinth Bean to survive the April freeze is blooming nicely.

There are more things blooming:

Yellow Esperanza, tecoma stans.


Red and Fucia Autumn Sage, salvia greggii

Salmon Impatients

Yellow Lantana

'Dallas Red' Lantana, lantana camara

'Red Ember' Blanket Flower, gaillardia

Purple Cape Plumbago, plumbago auriculata

Purple Heart, Setcreasea pallida

Yellow Bulbine

Jeruselem Sage, phlomis fruticosa

Blackfoot Daisy, melampodium leucanthum

Seed "blooms" on the Inland Sea Oats

And this all has to be watered by hand. No sprinklers allowed right now in our area.
And the summer is just starting......
Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for bringing us all together.
Happy Bloom Day


  1. I do like that gazania, and your daylilies are charming. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Thanks, Pam. It seems strange to have them in a 'cage'...but, that's the only way, with all these deer.


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