Friday, June 19, 2009

Daily Delights

Every day brings more daylilies to enjoy. These were all gifts from some very dear friends. So far, most all survived the dry winter and the withering heat we have already this summer. The first to arrive was "Happy Returns"....a clear buttercup yellow. It's a rebloomer, and is giving us more beautiful blooms now.
The second to bloom was "Over There". A vivid red, with a bright yellow throat. There are a few pretty pinks. This one is "Pink Playmate". Isn't she lovely? Another pink is a big guy. "Royal Palace Prince"....with a 4 inch bloom.
This very soft, pale yellow is "Miss Amelia". She hasn't bloomed much, but she's quite lovely.
"So Lovely" has given us many days of blooms. She's soft yellow, with a 5 inch bloom. "Miss Tinkerbell" has bloomed only a couple of times. A soft pink peach with a darker rose eyezone. Or...this pinker version. This is "Pardon Me". A dark burgundy red, with a yellow throat. We've had many blooms from her.
" Pandora's Box" has bloomed every day for a couple weeks, with more blooms to come. She's pale cream, with a dark purple eyezone. And, my favorite so far......"Country Fair Winds". This is a 6 inch bloom. It's pale peach pink, ,with a gold ruffled edge. It's bloomed several times.
There are more to bloom. Since I didn't take time to mark them when they were planted, I have to try to match them up with pictures and descriptions in the catalog.
But, it's worth it. A gift to enjoy all over again, each day. >

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