Friday, April 7, 2017


Slow...but, sure.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I don't think the deer will be eating those prickly pear cactus. Have you been putting in new edging and a new pathway? looks very neat and tidy. I feel the same way about progress although sometimes I feel like I am going backwards.

  2. The deer haven't bothered that prickly pear.
    I left for five days, right after I posted this. I still have a LOT of weeds to clean up.
    Clean up never ends.

  3. I'll say that's weeding progress...then there's my place. Oddly abundant winter rain and really mild temperatures have my work cut out. With your amazing tree greenery near and in the background, that provides something to enjoy during all the toiling...hopefully!


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