Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunset, Sunrise...

Hello December...

We've had some beautiful weather, the last few days

Last night, the sunset was beautiful.

Pinks and purples and golds...
looking out across the creek, from the back deck.

Then, by the time I got out to the front, there were deeper purples and golds.

Then, when I went out this morning for the paper...

another beautiful sky.

Nature IS the best artist.

We're forecast to be in the 80s the next couple days,
then, another Arctic Blast.
Freezing weather, and maybe more rain, by the weekend.


Speaking of harsh weather...
our son-in-law hasn't found a new job yet here.
His old boss called and asked him to come back up north.
This time, North Dakota!  

They lived there before, so he knows what to expect.
He got there yesterday....just in time to get the beginning of our 
Arctic Blast.

In North Dakota, Arctic Blasts are MUCH more serious than here.

So, when we're whining this weekend about the cold,
we'll keep in mind that cold is another one of those things in nature that are
relative to place.


Now, I need to go get the pumpkins put away, and get out the 
Christmas decorations.  

Happy Gardening...


  1. How beautiful those colors are. Great weather between the cold fronts is why we enjoy winter in Texas. It's cold in ND, we lived in Wyoming for a while and the cold was definitely serious. There are a lot of good jobs there so always a trade off.

  2. NIce photos. The colors from the sun are always so beautiful. We have it very cold here today - and even colder tomorrow. I need to move South. JC


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